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Sustainable Development and Wild Nature Conservation in NICARAGUA


Nicaragua in the twenty-first century faces numerous challenges simultaneously: terminating the grinding poverty among a large fraction of its population; making its natural resource base work sustainably without collapsing in the face of climate change and imprudent use and/or contamination of the environment; globalizing proactively without becoming globalized by the new and powerful actors entering Nicaragua from afar, with little regard to the culture and values or sustainability of structures in the country. Sovereignty over the use and protection of natural resources in Nicaragua, is best achieved today through robust regional and international alliances in which national interests are emphasized. All decisions regarding or affecting the natural resources of Nicaragua should include the informed and democratic participation of all interested parties.


To promote the sustainable well-being of all Nicaraguans, guided by the following principles: emphasizing the sustainable and equitable use of natural resources; prioritizing the protection of wild nature and the species that depend most upon it; recognizing the dignity in all life and the processes in which each living being is found in nature; maximizing the equitable and active participation of all people in the social, cultural, and economic processes in the country.

To promote novel and geniune educative processes for Nicaraguans and persons interested in Nicaragua.

To promote harmonious interactions with and protection of wild nature in Nicaragua through direct actions of protection, advocacy, and the advancement of research on the environment.

To promote stronger economies in harmony with the environment through the promotion of economic activities and policies which favor inclusion of marginalized people and groups and equitable access to economic benefits of the activities.


All Nicaraguans deserve an equitable share of the benefits of society.

Wild Nature existed abundantly in Nicaragua before the first human arrived and deserves to survive the arrival of humans.

Wild animals deserve to be born, live and die in their natural habitat, not in cages in response to the whims of humans.

The use of and policies regarding natural resources in Nicaragua should assure their sustainable use and respond to well-developed scientific analysis and the informed and beneficial participation of all people affected.

You can help us keep nature wild in Nicaragua, by volunteering your time with us or making a small donation to support our projects in wild nature conservation.

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Amphilophus chancho, one of the fish species endemic to Laguna de Apoyo, discovered by scientists working in a GAIA project. This species is easily seen while diving in Laguna de Apoyo. Photo Ad Konings.


Nicaragua Spanish Schools

The Gaia Program experts support wildlife studies important to the economy of Nicaragua, such as the impacts of windmills on wildlife. A major wind farm in Rivas is located along an important bird migration corridor. Photo Pablo Somarriba.


Nicaragua Spanish Schools

Spanish classes are often held under the shade of huge trees with monkeys looking down. Apoyo Spanish School is the oldest of the intensive Nicaragua Spanish schools, and the only Granada Spanish School with nature all around. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.


Apoyo Spanish School

A tour of students of Apoyo Spanish School to Catarina, with the lake and Granada in view. Photo Belén Camino.


Granada Spanish School

San Juan de Oriente, on the edge of Apoyo crater, is the most important center of artisan ceramic pottery in Nicaragua. The Gaia Program supports natural resource conservation in the region which is vital to the livelihoods throughout the area. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.


Nicaragua Spanish Schools

Scientific SCUBA diving in Laguna de Apoyo. Gaia provides logistical and scientific support for studies of ecosystems such as freshwater lakes and rivers, and tropical forests. We arrange, coordinate, and support internships and scientific partnerships throughout Nicaragua. Photo Topi Lehtonen.