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Nicaragua Spanish School

Nicaragua Spanish School

Intensive Spanish School and Volunteer Program in Nicaragua

Backpacker Spanish special for 2017-budget Spanish classes and volunteering


Apoyo Spanish school

Spanish students and volunteers at Apoyo Spanish School learn and serve in a casual atmosphere, in front of beautiful Lake Apoyo. Photo Stephan Beekhuis.

Study Spanish in small groups at budget prices

Apoyo Spanish School is offering an exciting new option to enjoy Laguna de Apoyo, learn Spanish, and pay back to Mother Nature. Backpacker Spanish! Study Spanish at backpacker prices in beginner classes of up to four students each. Combine eco-warrior environmental volunteering with Spanish classes at the best prices and best experiences.

Not everyone travels with a grand budget. For those people who need to make ends meet, we offer a special program to learn Spanish at a special price. Accomodations are coed, dorm-style, just meters away from the warm, inviting waters of Laguna de Apoyo.

Spanish classes in a small-group learning context (max. four students per Spanish teacher) are 4.5 hours per day, 5 days per week, from Monday through Friday. For these special prices, you will be expected to participate in eco-warrior activities each day, including care for rescue animals, assisting with field studies of birds and monkeys, and even simple carpentry, repairs and maintenance. All meals and co-ed dormitory is provided from Sunday pm through breakfast the Saturday after the last Friday of Spanish class.

Give back to Mother Nature

Please take note!!! This program varies in obligations and after-class activities from the standard Apoyo Spanish School programs. Instead of participating in the standard course of Apoyo Spanish School activities, you will be helping with any of several projects including reforestation, wild animal rescue and rehabilitation, wildlife monitoring, and other environmental programs, including logistics, maintenance, and any kind of assistance. By studying Backpacker Spanish at Apoyo Spanish School, you get to give back to Mother Nature, learn Spanish in a professional setting, eat and live healthy, and save money. In addition, the most enchanting body of water in Nicaragua is yours. The beach in front of Estación Biológica is always open for swimming, day and night.

We at GAIA believe that service and learning go hand in hand. There really is no better way to learn Spanish than to be reinforcing your lessons in activities with the members of GAIA in their activities. Learning how the Nicaraguans think, act and express themselves is a vital component of learning to communicate in Spanish.

Apoyo Spanish school

Apoyo Spanish School is steps aways from the soothing water of Laguna de Apoyo. Photo J Jackson.

The best Spanish courses at the lowest prices in Nicaragua

We already have some weeks in 2017 nearly sold out, so please inquire regarding availability before paying. Cost for a one-week program is 175 dollars per person. Multiple-week Backpacker Spanish programs include your stay and meals on the weekend days between your start date and finish date. Don't forget that the Backpacker Spanish Program at Apoyo Spanish School has by far the best food of any of the Nicaragua Spanish schools, and great coffee!

Please contact us for availability and reservations for your Eco-Warrior volunteering and Backpacker Spanish Classes.

Apoyo Spanish school

Be an Eco-Warrior Environmental Volunteer and Learn Spanish in a casual setting. Photo Stephan Beekhuis.

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Nicaragua Spanish School

Volunteer and learn Spanish with the GAIA Program at Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve in Nicaragua.

Studying Spanish and Volunteering in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve, Nicaragua

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Apoyo Spanish School

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Nicaragua Spanish School

Nicaragua Spanish Schools

Nicaragua Spanish Schools GAIA Nicaragua Spanish School

Apoyo Spanish School
Spanish classes at Apoyo Spanish School are given by the most experienced teachers in Nicaragua. Our teachers train the teachers of other Spanish schools. Photo Jen Moran.


Apoyo Spanish school
Laguna de Apoyo is the best place in Nicaragua for swimming, day and night. The water is always warm and clear. Spanish students and volunteers at Apoyo Spanish School can enjoy a swim day or night. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.


Nicaragua Spanish Schools
Gaia experts support wildlife studies important to the economy of Nicaragua, such as the impacts of windmills on wildlife. A major wind farm in Rivas is located along an important bird migration corridor. Photo Pablo Somarriba.


Nicaragua Spanish Schools
Spanish classes in Laguna de Apoyo are often held under the shade of huge trees with monkeys looking down. Apoyo Spanish School is the oldest of the intensive Nicaragua Spanish schools. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.


Apoyo Spanish School
A tour of students of Apoyo Spanish School to Catarina, with the lake and Granada in view. Photo Belén Camino.


Nicaragua Spanish school
San Juan de Oriente, on the edge of Apoyo crater, is the most important center of artisan ceramic pottery in Nicaragua. Gaia supports natural resource conservation in the region which is vital to the livelihoods throughout the area. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.


Nicaragua Spanish school
Scientific SCUBA diving in Laguna de Apoyo. Gaia provides logistical and scientific support for studies of ecosystems in Nicaragua such as freshwater lakes and rivers, and tropical forests. We arrange, coordinate, and support internships and scientific partnerships throughout Nicaragua. Photo Topi Lehtonen.


Nicaragua Spanish school
Gaia organizes birdwatching tours in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve, as well as in Managua and throughout Nicaragua. Go birdwatching with us and enjoy nature at its finest. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.


Apoyo Spanish School
Students at Apoyo Spanish School learn Spanish and lots about the Nicaraguan culture and environment, through volunteer activities such as reforestation, recycling, and care of rescue animals. Photo Jen Moran.


Apoyo Spanish School
Everyone takes a break from Spanish classes to enjoy the water at Laguna de Apoyo, the best water in Nicaragua. Photo Aaron Teasdale.


Nicaragua Spanish school
Mario Montenegro is a Nicaraguan children's singer. He often visits and sings with the visitors at Estación Biológica Laguna de Apoyo. Here he is singing for a group of Spanish students from Denmark. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.


Nicaragua Spanish School
Apoyo Spanish School is located in Masaya department, the cradle of artisan crafts in Central America. Here, a student of Apoyo Spanish School tries her hand at pottery making on a foot-powered wheel, on a school excursion to meet the artisan craftmakers in San Juan de Oriente. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.


Granada Spanish School
Horse riding is available to students of Apoyo Spanish School. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.