In Defense of Nature

December, 2008

There are different ways that each of us can be involved in protecting wild nature in Nicaragua. One way is by making a small donation to FUNDECI/GAIA (a registered not-for-profit organization in Nicaragua) to support training, research and conservation activities. For instance, as little as US$500.00 can support the field work for a Nicaraguan science student thesis. Another way to be involved is by becoming informed and making your opinions known. Our policy makers need to know that wild nature is important to Nicaraguans and to those who care about Nicaragua. For more information about how you can help, please contact us via email or telephone.

In Defense of Nature

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Laguna de Apoyo Research Station

The arrow cichlid, Amphilophus zaliosus, discovered in 1976. This species is one of possibly as many as six found only in Lake Apoyo.


Aura Cruz, Jaime Obando and Pablo Somarriba cross a stream during study of the Golden-cheeked Warbler.


The environment of Laguna de Apoyo is natural and nearly unspoiled


The natural beauty of Laguna de Apoyo is unsurpassed in Central