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Sustainable Development and Wild Nature Conservation in NICARAGUA


Be a volunteer with the GAIA Program at Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve in Nicaragua. Special discounts for Spanish courses and volunteering for 2016.

Confronting a world with new connections, languages and problems presents new challenges, requiring learning new skills and unlearning inappropriate ways of seeing and interacting with one's environment. Some of our educational projects are directed at Nicaraguan youth, others at non-Nicaraguans wanting to know more about Nicaragua. GAIA sponsors and supports numerous educational and training initiatives, each confronting a unique situation. Click on the links to learn more about each GAIA educational project.

Escuela Rural "Héroes y Mártires de Xiloá"

Apoyo Spanish School and Volunteering

Managua Spanish School

Seva Centers International

Escuela Rural "Luis Alfonso Velasquez"

Nicaragua Christian School

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Escuela Rural "Luis Alfonso Velasquez"

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Gaia supports education in the Escuela Luis Alfonso Velásquez in Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. Gaia coordinated with Canadian book suppliers and a high school in Canada to build a school library for children whose parents may not be able to read. Photo Christine McGregor.



Gaia worked with the local community and the government and people of Japan to build the rural school "Héroes y Mártires de Xiloá" a completely new school for a marginalized, rural community on the edge of Laguna de Xiloá. Photo Jeffrey McCrary.



Children from Escuela Rural Luis Alfonso Velásquez join members of the community, government, and the staff of Gaia, in the liberation of Tookie, a Keel-billed Toucan who was rescued from the illegal trade in wild animals. Photo Ilse Díaz.


Apoyo Spanish School

A tour of students of Apoyo Spanish School to Catarina, with the lake and Granada in view. Photo Belén Camino.


Granada Nicaragua

Seva Centers International, a Gaia project in León, Nicaragua, provides yoga and Thai massage instructor training for Nicaraguans. Photo Rebecca Hagman.



Gaia works closely with Colegio Cristiano en Nicaragua, a free, private school in an impoverished neighborhood in León, Nicaragua. Photo Brenda McCrary.